The Enhancement Center, Bend Oregon, Non Surgical Face It - Face Lifts


Laser Skin Rejuvenation:

        *Pictures are of Actual Enhancement Center Clients!

    The Enhancement Center, Bend Oregon, Non Surgical Face It - Face Lifts   LIGHT AND HEAT ENERGY (LHE):  5 treatments $850. Series package price
          includes microdermabrasion at $700.  Individual price is $250.  Maintenance packages are available as needed.

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          LHE is a laser photo-rejuvenation treatment for:

            . Fine lines and wrinkles
            . Sun spots and age spots
            . Melasma-hormonal masking
            . Acne and acne scarring
            . Rosacea
            . Stretch marks and scars

      This treatment includes Microdermabrasion as needed for the removal of
      dead skin cells.  There is no "downtime" and make up can be applied
      immedicately after the treatment.  A series of treatments are needed for long
      lasting results.  Generally, treatment intervals are between 2 to 4 weeks.

    "I have been a client of Becky's for over 15 years.  Her knowledge and skills are first rate and I trust her 100%.  Becky and Lyndsey have also successfully treated my daughter's severe acne.  I would recommend The Enhancement Center and the FaceIt products to anyone."

    ~ Paige Schultz ~

    "The adult cystic acne that I've had for years is now under control and my skin is clear and glowing.  Thank you, Enhancement Center!"

    ~ Linda Brookman ~

    "Since moving to Bend a few years ago, my skin had become so dry and problematic.  After multiple visits to a dermatologist without relief, I tried something different - I visited The Enhancement Center.  Since starting a program there, my visits have consisted of laser treatments, facials and a change in skin care products.  It took about 3 months to see real results, but now the redness in my face is gone, my rosacea is minimized, painful eczema patches have gone away and I love the Face-It product line.  It's such a relief."

    ~ Karen DeDeau ~

    "Discovering FaceIt products made me aware, for the first time, that over the counter facial products were merely a feel good application with no real visible results, despite their claims.  Believe me, I've tried them all!  With just one FaceIt peel and follow up with the FaceIt product line, there are definite, visible results. Literally peeling off the years, the brown age spots disappeared and the lines of time were softened.  An amazing non-invasive process applied to the skin that takes years off of your face.  What's not to love about that?"

    ~ Arlene Bowden ~

    "The FaceIt products and various procedures have made my skin feel fabulous and look years younger.  The Enhancement Center is the best!"

    ~ Cathy F., Client for 5 Years ~

    "I was tired of seeing the brown discoloration on my face caused by hormonal changes.  I had tried various treatments in the past but nothing seemed to work.  The Enhancement Center came to my rescue and now my face looks amazing!  The laser treatments eliminated the brown spots and I have enjoyed the wonderful results.  I have been a client for over 10 years and I am grateful to Becky for her skincare expertise and the excellent care I have received.  I recommend the Enhancement Center to all of my friends."

    ~ Kathy Beardsley, Client for 10 Years ~

    "I've only been a client three months and have already seen incredible results.  I've had comments on how fresh my skin looks and people have noticed my skin looks tighter and smoother.  My age and sun spots are all gone."

    ~ Peggy W., Client for 3 Months ~